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make me choose | don keefer or emma thompson

"Four a.m., having just returned from an evening at the Golden Spheres, which, despite the inconveniences of heat, noise and overcrowding, was not without its pleasures. Thankfully, there were no dogs and no children. The gowns were middling. There was a good deal of shouting and behaviour verging on the profligate, however, people were very free with their compliments and I made several new acquaintances. […] The room was full of interesting activity until 11 p.m. when it emptied rather suddenly. The lateness of the hour is due, therefore, not to the dance, but to the waiting in a long line for a horseless carriage of unconscionable size. The modern world has clearly done nothing for transport.”

Oh my goodness, don’t judge me! I’m home sick, dizzy with cold medicine, and super bored. But guys…what if Ladyhawke was a disney movie :o

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i love this!!